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22.6.2008 21:54:37  [ Din ]


“ Death is the believer’s gift.”
Hz. Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

Kübra Özgür is not at our school this year. We lost her to a deadly disease which dominated all her body a short time ago.When I heard the sad news, I really got very shocked. To tell the truth, I knew that she had a frail body and weak health and she had missed many lessons because of her health problems, but I hadn’t heard that she was inflicted with such a catastrophic illness. One day, seeing her face very pale, I had asked her what was wrong with her. “I don’t know what is happening to me, teacher,” she had answered with utmost innocence unaware of her destiny ordained by Allah.
My ex-student, Kübra Özgür’s death had shaken me to the core of my existence, bringing her vivid memories to my mind. What kind of student was Kübra Özgür? She was just an earthly angel. She had a good sense of responsibility and always she was clever and hard-working as a student. Her black eyes used to shine with a strange magic of love and compassion. In addition to her success at the school, she had a perfect character adorned with kindness and good manners. She was the embodiment of love and respect. These are not the words full of exaggeration to have been said upon someone who has passed away. Kübra Özgür was a creature of rarity which Allah has bestowed on us as a precious present for a short time.
Here, I cannot do without touching the fact of death which will knock on the door of every mortal being. Death is something inevitable for everyone. However, death is not an end or worse, non-existence. Death is a door opening to an other world which is going to last forever. Death is not an eternal separation. On the contrary, it is the real unity. That is why Mawlana calls it as the day of wedding. We came from Almighty Allah and we are going to go back to Him passing over the bridge of death.
Life is not merely restricted to this world. We are going to meet our loved ones in the Hereafter. Therefore, it is not proper to remain stuck in a permanent grief and mourning over the people who left this temporary world.
Before the funeral prayer, the imam addressed the congregation gathering in the yard of the mosque, emphasizing the fact that Kübra Özgür was a girl who migrated from this world so early even before she knew what sin was, as pure as an angel. Thus, Allah–willing, Kübra flew away directly to paradise like a bird yearning for its real motherland. We should find joy in this fact rather than sheer consolation and we should reflect on our situation. In a hadith it is narrated that Allah the Almigthy takes his servants whom He likes most, early to His presence.
“If you want an advice, death is enough ,” says a renowned scholar. Death is just moving from one house to another house. However, we will be taken into an account for our deeds and rewarded or punished accordingly. So, we must prepare ourselves for death through enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, instead of fearing it.

“Die, before death comes”
Hz. Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

Turgay Evren
English Teacher

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